Susan M. Tikalsky, President
Susan M. Tikalasky, PresidentSusan Tikalsky is president of Resource Strategies, Inc. and Gateway Information Services. She is responsible for all operations, including project development, client relations, technical program oversight, and over-all quality control. Ms. Tikalsky has earned an international reputation for developing a range of programs (from bio-science to nation-building), which produce selective information that is both perceptive and technically accurate. These programs often assess complex, multidisciplinary issues and communicate the results to global audiences of scientists, NGOs, government, industry, and the public. She has held previous positions as a researcher, environmental scientist, and energy industry executive. She has participated in numerous influential business committees and policy initiatives. Ms. Tikalsky holds master of science degrees in soil chemistry and resource management.
Teri L. Vierima, Physicist, Science Reporter
Teri L. Vierima, Physicist, Science ReporterTeri Vierima is a physicist who has been involved with science and science communication for 25 years. As a science reporter, she is responsible for assessing and summarizing a wide range of new research and policy developments. In addition, she applies her expertise by particularly focusing on communicating the complex concepts of dosimetry, physics, and physical mechanisms to lay readers and experts in other disciplines. Ms. Vierima previously worked in industry as a research and development manager, and as scientific advisor and director of regulatory programs for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation under 3 US state governors. Ms. Vierima holds a Ph.D. in atomic and molecular physics.
Sara M. Nick, Editor & Reporter, Public Health Specialist
Sara M. Nick, Editor & Reporter, Public Health SpecialistSara Nick is a specialist in public health whose reporting duties include issues of public health, risk, and epidemiology. In addition, she is responsible for Gateway Information Services’ quality control, including report editing and delivery, and customer service. Ms. Nick holds a master’s degree in public health with an emphasis on maternal and child epidemiology.
Jill A. Sakai
Jill A. SakaiJill Sakai is a neuroscientist and science writer. She is a consultant with Gateway Information Services where she assists in evaluating issues associated with neurology, development, and study design. Ms. Sakai has a distinguished academic background and is the author of numerous published articles — both popular and peer-reviewed. She holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience.
Sara Cohen Christopherson, Science Writer
Sara Cohen Christopherson, Science WriterSara Christopherson is a science educator and science writer working on the consulting side of the company. She particularly works on those projects that require extensive information-gathering from literature researches and personal interviews. She has written extensively for major publishers of middle school and high school science textbooks. She has an undergraduate degree in biology and a master of science in science education.