Resource Strategies, Inc.

Resource Strategies, Inc. provides specialized information services to an international clientele. Our services target the need to track new advances that may affect research, policy, or business development needs — information emerging from anywhere in the world, in any relevant discipline — whether scientific, technical, regulatory, or related to public perception and public policy. We draw upon literature searches, conferences and meetings, and a global network of expert contacts. Our strength lies in our ability to evaluate and summarize a wide range of complex information and, perhaps most importantly, we are known for our ability to place all of this into a context relevant to our clients' strategic interests.

We offer services in two ways. In situations where new information is continually emerging, Gateway Information Services offers on-going updates on global developments. For those who require a comprehensive review of what is currently known on a particular subject before undertaking new commitments, Resource Strategies consulting services provide one-time state-of-current-knowledge reports.

Gateway Information Services

Gateway Information Services specializes in developing and managing global information networks for complex, multi-disciplinary issues of international concern. As technology evolves, more information becomes available; however, it is also more widely-scattered and of varying quality. Our experienced team of reporters provides selective coverage in the form of research summaries, news briefs, and on-site reports from key meetings. By monitoring the vast quantities of new information, by prioritizing and screening, and by supplying frequent, well-written reports, Gateway services enables our far-flung clients to stay informed and in touch.

Prompt updates, delivered over the internet, report on recent developments—often integrated from a variety of disciplines such as cell biology, physics, medicine, engineering, epidemiology, and more. These accounts are used by our clients in industry, government, and the scientific community to stay informed on the status of current research and to coordinate further studies. A searchable website contains archived reports and a bibliographic database.

The EMF Gateway reports on extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields research and efforts to address public concern about exposures from power lines, consumer products, and occupational activities.

Consulting Services

Successful management begins with an informed assessment of the current situation. Resource Strategies is skilled in acquiring and interpreting complex information for practical applications. We compile an account of the information our clients need to meet their specific challenges. Using innovative program design, market surveys, and data analysis, we provide a range of services from preparing summaries of existing information to tracking a developing issue.